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This project is multi-disciplinary, covering microbial ecology, electrochemistry, engineering and modelling.

Newcastle University

The Newcastle team works on the recovery metals from industrial wastewaters and the synthesis of useful products from carbon dioxide. They will also be developing hybrid systems.

Manchester University

The Manchester team works on microbial electrochemical recovery of metals, particularly developing bio-templated electrodes and synthesising novel nano-metallic compounds.

University of South Wales

The South Wales team works on approaches for scaling up microbial electrochemical technology for practical application. Their design decisions are informed by LSCA.


Surrey University

The Surrey team works on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessments of microbial electrochemical systems, to inform design and scale up decisions. They interact closely with industrial partners to ensure the research is relevant to real world wastewater treatment.


The METEORR project involves formal collaboration with Prof Yujie Feng at Harbin Institute of Technology, Prof Bill Sloan at Glasgow University, Prof Bruce Logan at Penn State University and Prof Korneel Rabaey at University of Ghent.

Management team

This team is responsible for the running of the project, ensuring it stays on track. They ensure effective communication between all teams, partners, NERC, and projects in NERC's Resource Recovery from Waste Programme. They engage with end users to maximise the benefit of the research to industry and society.