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This multi-disciplinary project has partners at the universities of Newcastle, Manchester, South Wales and Surrey.


We use microbial electrochemical systems to recover metals from industrial effluent, and to form useful organic products from waste carbon dioxide.


Our vision is a world where waste is not discarded but is transformed into reuseable products or energy.

Our project

We use microbes to obtain energy from organic matter in wastewater using bioelectrochemical systems. That energy is used to drive processes to recover useful metals from industrial wastewater and to synthesise useful compounds from carbon dioxide. We use life cycle sustainability assessments to inform our design decisions.

Our team consists of scientists from the universities of Newcastle, Manchester, Surrey and South Wales. As part of the METEORR project, we have formal collaboration with researchers at GlasgowPenn State, Ghent and Harbin. We work closely with industrial partners who will benefit from our research findings.



The METEORR project is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). 

The project is part of NERC's Resource Recovery from Waste programme which aims to deliver the science needed to accomplish a paradigm shift in the recovery of resources from waste.


Our partners

The METEORR project has 5 industrial partners.

Tata Steel

Northumbrian Water

Chivas Brothers

Chemviron Carbon


WH Partnership

We would be pleased to hear from other industries who may be interested in our technology. Contact Us